Bravo Network Internship with NBCU

As I have finished up my summer internship, I look back and see how quickly my time in NYC flew by! In what seems like an instant or the blink of an eye, my summer has come and gone, then just like that I am starting my senior year at Loyola.
I learned an incredible amount by working with SVP Aimee Viles’ Emmy Award-winning Emerging Media Team at Bravo Network. I was given the opportunity to work with Andy Cohen and Zach Bechtel in production as well as editing, worked on marketing in creating the new technology product deck and so much more. I even presented an end of the semester media research product to my Emerging Team in addition to creating, then presenting a television pitch to the Senior Vice Presidents of Bravo and Oxygen networks.
To think that all of this happened in one seemingly short summer is mind bottling and I am grateful for all of the learning experiences I had through NBCU. I have truly been living the #NBCUdream

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